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For Health Professionals

Health Professionals in a wide variety of modalities are finding that CELLFOOD provides tremendous overall support for the health and well-being of their patients.

CELLFOOD's convenient size, its affordable price, and its ability to release abundant oxygen and hydrogen throughout the body make it a unique and effective nutritional supplement. The entire line— including Oxygen Gel, Essential Silica, Natural Weight Loss, MultiVitamin and SAM-e— gives health professionals a wide spectrum of tools in their health and wellness offerings.

When you order any Cellfood products from Lumina Health Products, you'll receive the following support at no charge:

Cellfood Products




  • A clear acrylic display that holds product and literature
  • A set of full-color display brochures
  • A set of Health Product Updates/ Focus on Cellfood
  • Patient flyers as needed
  • Ongoing phone support for sales and technical information— both for you AND your patients

For a complete information package containing technical product data, ordering information, and sample support literature, or for questions about carrying our Cellfood line of formulas, call our office at 800-749-9196.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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